Our goal is to provide education to the public and practitioners about the long term impacts of poor oral health, lifestyle and underdeveloped jaws and how they affect future well being.

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14 – 120+ years

Benefits for Adults Chewing a Myo Munchee

  • Can assist with correct oral posture, swallow pattern, tongue positioning and nasal breathing
  • May improve jaw balance and bite (occlusion) and reduce clenching
  • May improve health and stability of TM Joint by exercising and strengthening the muscles of the face (under the guidance of a practitioner)
  • Improve teeth and gum health while you munch as the nodules massage and clean gums
  • Chewing improves the muscle tone of your face, which is beneficial for optimal function
  • May assist to reduce snoring
Chewing stimulates saliva production
Chewing activates muscle tone and function

14 – 120+ years

Signs and Symptoms
of Oral Dysfunction

  • Mouth breathing
  • Oral hygiene issues- periodontal health
  • Night time disturbance: grinding, apnoea, insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Misaligned teeth and relapsed Orthodontic work
  • TMJ dysfunction, headaches, and neck pain.

Who else is needed to help

If you are seeing the signs and symptoms of oral dysfunction it is going to be important to be supported by a professional to get best outcomes.

Chewing is an essential function for optimal ageing

As our bone density decreases and our muscles lose their strength, it may be easier to manage the Myo Munchee Tween rather than the Adult size, especially when chewing and swallowing.

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Why use Munchee?

Oral facial exercise

General facial exercise to keep tone and function

Occlusal balance

Chewing a Munchee will improve balance of facial muscles which will mean less cracking of teeth from overload of forces.

Mouth breathing pattern

Munchee is good exercise for muscles of the lips, face and jaws

Oral Hygiene

Gum health and teeth cleaning

Teeth/jaw grinding

Munchee can be a great tool to improve jaw balance relationships which is one of the reasons why grinding is so common.

Munchee Tip for grinding

Assessment with a specialised provider may be required to ascertain why teeth grinding is occurring as it can be a sign of airway compromise


Where there is pain and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, the Munchee can be helpful to re-balance the joints and improve muscle function and jaw stability. If you are experiencing any jaw dysfunction, seek advice from a medical professional to ensure the Myo Munchee is right for your circumstances.

At any Age and any Stage, Myo Munchee can support you on your life's journey

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“I can have a much greater impact using the Munchee. It is very, very easy to incorporate into what people are already doing - it's the missing link”

Dr. Dan Hanson
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“This has actually worked for's definitely been the best thing I've put in his mouth, for sure!”

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“We're so happy with the Munchee, we couldn't believe it only took about four weeks”

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“The Munchee is the perfect tool for helping to normalise chewing: a key clinical goal for any health practitioner working with upper airway.”

Sharon Moore
Speech and language pathologist and author of Sleep Wrecked Kids
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“They love the Munchees.”

Tina & Twins
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“Now that I have a Munchee there's far less need to suck a dummy now”

Arlo & Able
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" something so simple, can make a difference?!"

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More About Munchee

How do I use a Munchee

Watch this video to find out the most important movements for chewing a Munchee

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Please check out our resources for more information and shoot us an email if there are specific topics you'd like more info on!

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  • Why would an adult need to chew a Myo Munchee?

    This question is comparable to 'why do we need to go to the gym?'

    10 mins of chewing per day, will help to keep the lips, face and jaw functioning optimally. Optimal chewing practise also assists with keeping bone integrity, nasal breathing, correct resting tongue and oral posture stability.

    Unfortunately, we are very sedentary. Modern practices of sitting in a chair all day have big impacts on body posture, and similarly, modern processed diets have detrimental impacts on our oral posture.

    The answer... move more, CHEW more!

  • How important is it to use your Munchee everyday?

    Whether you are following a practitioners treatment plan to correct dysfunction or just using a Munchee to promote optimal growth and function – commitment and consistency are key!

    It is very important that everyone understands that a “chewing habit” is essentially the key outcome required; in much the same way as flossing and brushing your teeth are habitual. This consistency of use is what creates the results and must be clear to all. Chewing is essential for optimal function and growth.

  • How can a Myo Munchee help the Seniors population?

    Chewing is an essential function for optimal ageing. Chewing stimulates saliva production, to assist with keeping the oral cavity cleansed, food lubrication and swallowing. Chewing activates muscle tone and function, to assist with ageing faces and decreased collagen levels. As our bone density decreases and our muscles lose their strength it may be easier to manage the Myo Munchee Tween rather than the Myo Munchee Adult size, especially when chewing and swallowing. Please refer to our sizing chart for measurements.

  • What is temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD)?

    The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint that connects the jaw to the skull. There is a TMJ on each side of the face, near your ear. These joints allow your jaw to open and close, and the movements needed for speaking, eating and facial expression.

    TMJ dysfunction and disorders can cause pain, atypical jaw movements and joint noises (popping, crunching, etc). Unfortunately, these are quite common.

    It is best to work with a practitioner to determine whether a Myo Munchee would improve your condition, and how the Myo Munchee should be used, as passive over-active use, may be more beneficial.