Our goal is to provide education to the public and practitioners about the long term impacts of poor oral health, lifestyle and underdeveloped jaws and how they affect future well being.

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Why humans must chew?

The natural growth forces generated from correct chewing make a big contribution to growing faces and maintaining ideal oral function for life.

Chewing has been linked to facial development, jaw growth, correct swallow patterns, normal digestion and even concentration and memory.

What is a Munchee?

The Myo Munchee is a small chewing device made of soft, medical grade silicone.

Shaped like a mouthguard, with a handle attached, the mouthpiece is soft, but durable, with lots of silicone prongs, which massage the teeth and gums.

The original premise of the development of the Myo Munchee was for gum health and oral hygiene. Over time, it became clear that there were many more benefits to be had from chewing a Myo Munchee.

Why chew a Myo Munchee?

Chewing enhances the strength of jaw and mouth muscles to assist in optimal oral health and function. Just like any part of the body, the jaw and facial muscles need the right kind of exercise/movement to stay healthy. That’s where the Munchee comes in…

With just 10 minutes of daily chewing exercise, children and adults can improve the tone and function of muscles of the lips, face and jaws. The Munchee also encourages lip closure, correct resting tongue placement & swallow pattern and promotes nasal breathing.

In the last hundred years, the western industrialised lifestyle—with its soft foods, reduced nutritional diversity, and rapidly decreasing range of exercise— has essentially removed natural cues for healthy oral development. The modern individual will benefit from more chewing and eating less processed foods, for more than the obvious health/weight/holistic reasons.

Commitment + consistency is key!

How do I use a Myo Munchee?

Always rinse the Munchee before use.

Ensure the Munchee is placed in the mouth with the "lips" indent/notch at the top. Always keep the lips closed around the Myo Munchee while chewing, this not only strengthens the muscles, but also prevents excessive wear on the device.

Keep your chewing even on both sides, chewing excessively or exclusively on one side may damage or weaken the Munchee.

Rinse after use in cold running water and dry thoroughly. Aim for 5 minutes of active chewing, twice a day as an ideal protocol.

Once dry, please store your Munchee out of UV light in a place that allows air circulation around the Myo Munchee.

Easy and fun to use, especially for kids

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Promotes Nasal Breathing

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Lip & Tongue Strength

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Jaw Health & Development

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Teeth and Gums

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The lost art of chewing

At any Age and any Stage, Myo Munchee can support you on your life’s journey

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“I can have a much greater impact using the Munchee. It is very, very easy to incorporate into what people are already doing - it's the missing link”

Dr. Dan Hanson
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“This has actually worked for's definitely been the best thing I've put in his mouth, for sure!”

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“We're so happy with the Munchee, we couldn't believe it only took about four weeks”

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“The Munchee is the perfect tool for helping to normalise chewing: a key clinical goal for any health practitioner working with upper airway.”

Sharon Moore
Speech and language pathologist and author of Sleep Wrecked Kids
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“They love the Munchees.”

Tina & Twins
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“Now that I have a Munchee there's far less need to suck a dummy now”

Arlo & Able
Myo Munchee users
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" something so simple, can make a difference?!"

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How do I use a Munchee

How do I use a Munchee

Watch this video to find out the most important movements for chewing a Munchee

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Read on below for commonly asked questions about the Myo Munchee or related topics

  • Myo Munchee as an oral exerciser

    Many populations are concerned with maintaining and improving aesthetic appearances. Many people are aware that form follows function, meaning what appears to “look good” also points to optimal function and symmetry.

    The Munchee can be used as an Oral Exercise tool to help improve gum health and function, muscle tone and to generally assist in with increased chewing. Chewing assists regulate bone growth, stimulates saliva production and is essential function for optimal ageing.

  • Can a Myo Munchee assist with TMJ/TMD?

    It is best to work with a practitioner to determine whether a Myo Munchee would improve your condition..
  • How do I use a Munchee?

    If the Munchee is for a young child create a sense of excitement around the appliance coming, especially if you're using it as a replacement for dummy/pacifier.

    Always rinse the Munchee before use. The Munchee can be submerged in freshly boiled water for 60 seconds to sterilise.

    Ensure the Munchee is placed in the mouth with the "lips" indent at the top. Always keep the lips closed around the Munchee while chewing, this not only strengthens the muscles, it prevents excessive wear on the appliance.

    Keep your chewing even and on both sides, chewing excessively or exclusively on one side will weaken the Munchee.

    Rinse after use in cold running water and dry thoroughly. Aim for 5mins of active chewing, twice a day as an ideal protocol

  • How often do I need to use a Munchee?

    At minimum, for general oral health and keeping muscles strong the Munchee works if you or your child can chew for 5 mins twice a day.
  • What is the "Munchee Movement"?

    The Munchee Movement brings parents, children and practitioners together with the common purpose of reclaiming natural, functional chewing and oral motor function.

    We are building the movement for positive change and a healthier world by bringing more awareness and empowering people and parents through new skills and knowledge in terms of: Integrating facial, jaw and tongue muscles working together for better jaw function and breathing.

    Helping people to function better from birth to maximise healthy development. Connecting with a new generation of professionals who want more ways to help their clients with minimal intervention.

  • I am an adult, will the Munchee expand my palate?

    As an adult looking to expand the palate you are likely to need to work with a practitioner such as a functional dentist/orthodontist. The Munchee can be a great tool to use in conjunction with other care as it exercises the facial muscles and tongue.
  • What are some benefits of nasal breathing?

    • *Nasal passage naturally warms and purifies the air
    • *Better mood, immunity & athletic performance
    • *Assists with jaw and cheekbone growth and definition *More restful sleep

    The Myo Munchee supports the development of correct oral rest positions, and promotion of nasal breathing needed for adequate breath support and efficient breathing.

  • What is passive use of the Munchee?

    Passive use describes holding the Munchee in position in your mouth with lips sealed around the device. Breathing through the nose, ensure the tongue is positioned on the roof of the mouth. Allow the jaw to rest in this position, no chewing needs to occur with passive use.