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Myo Munchee & Special Needs

The Myo Munchee can be a hugely beneficial tool for people with various special needs. Below is an outline of a variety of ways in which it can benefit a few different conditions. Please remember, when dealing with any type of oral dysfunction, we strongly recommend working alongside a practitioner, to assist with optimal outcomes. Click here to find your nearest Munchee Certified Practitioner.


Why use the Munchee?

Those on the Autistic spectrum will often be sensory seeking and the action of chewing a Munchee can meet a lot of these sensory needs.

The prongs on the Munchee provide a lot of sensory feedback to the brain from the oral area and the action of chewing can also be neuro-calmative.

The Munchee promotes nasal breathing and correct swallow pattern both of which help with self-regulation.

Cerebral Palsy

Why use Munchee

  • Individuals with Cerebral Palsy can have oral postural abnormalities that makes it difficult for them to clean their teeth well- the Munchee can be a great tool for them to use.
  • The motor disorders of cerebral palsy are often accompanied by disturbances of sensation, cognition, communication and perception. The Munchee can be a useful tool in oral sensory stimulation, oral motor function as well as assisting swallow patterns and promoting nasal breathing.

Down Syndrome

One of the most characteristic features with Down Syndrome is the dysmorphic facial features and prominent tongue thrust. The Munchee can be a great tool to assist with the early oral facial development.

Why use the Munchee?

  • Myofunctional Therapy has been shown to be effective in early years to assist and treat orofacial dysfunction (Faulks et al 2008). Munchee is a Myofunctional device that may improve muscle function of lips and tongue and promotes nasal breathing.
  • Useful for improving oral health due to hygiene suffering from poor tone, function and awareness of the lips and tongue.

Oral Motor Dysfnuction (dyspraxia and motor planning)

Dyspraxia is a disorder of movement and coordination that can affect verbal, oral and motor skills. Those with Dyspraxia have an ablility to use complex movements involuntarily, however motor planning can be compromised.

Why use the Munchee?

  • Using the Munchee provides sensory and motor stimulus, particularly of cranial nerves.
  • The bristles and chewing resistance allows the child to be guided by the appliance itself.
  • The Munchee assists with tongue posture and coordination.
  • Improving tongue position can have a beneficial effect on whole body motor function, balance and coordination.

Sensory Processing Disorder

Individuals with a sensory processing disorder may feel overwhelmed by sensory information, seek out sensory experiences (hypo-sensitive) or may avoid certain experiences (hyper-sensitive) and can react with strong emotional behaviours.

Why use the Munchee?

  • The Munchee can provide a lot of sensory stimulation and the action of chewing is neuro calmative.
  • Munchee promotes lip seal, tongue position and swallow.....this is important to help self-regulation and to correct myofunctional imbalances.

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