Myo Munchee Tween

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About the product

Myo Munchee Tween age guidelines: 8-12yrs & adults with narrow jaw structure

Myo Munchee Tween Inter-Cainine width measurement: 33-37mm 

Myo Munchee Tween is our latest addition to our chewing range to better accommodate the children from 8 years through to 12 years old or older children and adults with a smaller jaw structure.

We have included molar pads for a more comfortable fit, that can be removed if their 12 year old molars haven't come in and a tongue attractor to assist with correct tongue position.

It may also be the most suitable size for an older teenager who has crowding and low oral tone, low tongue posture and/or a history of lip/tongue tie.

Transition from Tween to Adult is usually between 12-14 years of age, however please consider age along with the inter-canine width measurement. 

It is always best to consult with your practitioner on the right size munchee for you based on the outcomes you are working towards.