Our goal is to provide education to the public and practitioners about the long term impacts of poor oral health, lifestyle and underdeveloped jaws and how they affect future well being.

Shipping & Returns


United States and Canada: All orders destined for the United States and Canada are dispatched from our Texas warehouse. Customers in the US will receive their orders via standard shipping, while our Canadian customers have the option to select between standard or express postage.

Australia and everywhere else (excluding US and Canada): Orders for Australia and international destinations outside of the US and Canada are shipped from our Sydney warehouse. These orders are delivered through Australia Post, offering both standard and express shipping options. For estimated delivery times, please visit the Australia Post website.


Due to health risks, Myo Munchees which have been opened cannot be returned, unless deemed faulty.

At Munchee we are proud of our product. Each appliance is made using medical grade silicone, providing comfort and flexibility coupled with strength and durability.

We cannot guarantee exactly how long the Munchee will last for each customer due to the fact that no two humans are exactly the same. Bites and occlusions vary greatly and there are certain bites that will be more likely to damage the appliance.

In children’s cases we find that as the bite improves the appliance will last longer.

We will happily replace any appliance that proves faulty within six months of purchase. We stand by our appliances and need to be aware if there is any issue with the quality of our products. If you have any problems with quality and wear, please lodge a support ticket and send us a photo of both your appliance and ideally of your bite (teeth closed and showing).

PLEASE NOTE: our replacement policy cannot be used to replace an appliance a second time. Some bite structures and forces will always damage the appliance over time.

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