Our goal is to provide education to the public and practitioners about the long term impacts of poor oral health, lifestyle and underdeveloped jaws and how they affect future well being.

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Dr Kevin Bourke was a dentist in the rural town of Maitland NSW. He developed the largest dental practice outside of metropolitan Sydney, much of this centred on his revolutionary thinking about the function and development of jaws.

He viewed the teeth, jaws and face as symbiotic, interrelated structures, working with these principles to help many children develop what he coined “a good quality face”

“Since 1967 Munchee has helped kids, adults and practitioners create big impacts on health. With our oral health straining under a burden of preventable problems, the need to make a change is urgent.”

Dr. Mary Bourke
Chiropractor & Munchee CEO
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"I just remember in high school, probably like half of my friends went through the braces stage, and I was always really glad that I managed to avoid the braces stage...I think that was because of the 'chewy' (Myo Munchee)..."

Penny Chaloub
Original Munchee user, 30 years on
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" is very important that both patient and practitioner are clear on the requirement that a “chewing habit” is essentially the key outcome required, in much the same way as a flossing habit may be.”

Dr Kevin Bourke
Dentist and Myo Munchee inventor
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Meet the Munchee Team

Mary has a dedicated team of practitioners and support staff who help her realise the goals of the Munchee Movement.

Dr Mary Bourke CEO

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Jerome Coleman CFO

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Chris Kelleher Head of Growth and Strategy

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Jacqui Reynolds Inventory and Logistics

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Shana Hokafonu Executive Assistant

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Marcia Huber Customer Support Specialist

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Hudson Brooker Customer Support Specialist

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Shavaun Glover Social Media

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Michelle Hessing Marketing Co-Ordinator

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Our Values

Empowering the public, parents and practitioners. Respectful and supportive towards all staff and customers.

Our staff are passionate & knowledgeable about the benefits of the Myo Munchee.

Our Mission

The Munchee Movement’s mission is improving the quality of life of all ages, by creating awareness of the silent epidemic of a widespread health crisis of underdeveloped jaws.