Simple Size Guide

There’s a Munchee for everyone.

Find your fit. 

Sizing for the Munchee is quite simple, working by age or arch width. The following table should help you find the best fit. 

(pointy tooth, tip to tip)
18 months - 4 yearsNot applicable.N/AN/AMini Munchee
4 - 8 yearsSmall to medium build.30 - 35 mm40 mm + handleMini Munchee - Small + Handle (S)
4 - 8 yearsSmall to medium build.30 - 35 mm40 mmMunchee Chew - Small (S)
9 years - AdultYouth with 12 year molars, up to an
adult female.
35 - 40 mm45 mmMunchee Chew - Medium (M)
14 years - AdultLarge teen males, adult males &
females with broad skeletal structure.
40 - 45 mm50 mmMunchee Chew - Large (L)

Measure up.

To use the canine width size guide, measure canine to canine distance on the upper arch and compare the measurement to the Size Guide table above. 

You can also match up the widths of each appliance to the patient’s arch width. 


Manage your Munchee. 


Daily chewing for as little as 10 mins is a simple and inexpensive part of preventative dental care and hygiene. To get maximum benefit and usage from your Munchee, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Rinse your Munchee off in fresh water
Step 2: Place the Munchee in your mouth with the small lip indent at the top
Step 3: Keep your lips together, both now and at all times while use, and breath through the nose 
Step 4: Chew and munch gently up and down and in a circular motion, swallow saliva as needed, but keep the lips together  
Step 5: Start by chewing for 1min, twice a day for 1 week
Step 6: Build daily by 1 min until you are able to chew twice a day for 10 mins. If a child is using the Munchee, make the time to sit together quietly with a book they love and help them understand the Munchee is here to help their teeth grow big, strong and healthy. Have them chew as you read, gradually increasing to 10mins twice a day (two stories!).

A lot of saliva will be produced when using this appliance, so be ready. This is a good thing as saliva is nature’s way of protecting the teeth and gums. Once this settles down, try to swallow the saliva while the Munchee is in your mouth. Make sure to always swallow with your lips closed and keep breathing through your nose. You may need to do the “munchee slurp” when removing the appliance from your mouth.

The handle on the Mini Munchee’s is useful to ensure we get the appliance into the correct position in the child’s mouth. Once the older child is accustomed to it you can cut the handle off. The handle can also be helpful for those children with poor oral motor control and who have difficulty keeping the appliance in place in the mouth. e.g dribblers and mouth breathers as well as children with special needs.

Trim problem areas – If experiencing any gum pressure or irritation after 1-2 weeks of use, the Munchee can be trimmed down for comfort. Side edges can be trimmed down slightly if needed. 

Kids in particular can have some irritation around the gums as they get used to the sensation of the soft prongs massaging the gums. This will generally resolve after a week, if not the appliance may need to be trimmed. 

Occasionally, the Munchee can trigger the gag reflex, particularly in children with any kind of sensory issue or restrictions in oral tissue. These cases can still use the Munchee, they just need to start slower, with passive use, and build to active use; starting with 30 seconds chewing and slowly building to 3-5 minutes over a period of two weeks. If gagging persists help from a manual therapist skilled in cranial nerve function can be useful.

Rinse your Munchee with water after each use. For a more thorough clean you can sprinkle your Munchee lightly with bi-carb soda or boil it for 1 minute.

To find out exactly how Munchee can work for you, read more FAQs here, try paid personalised consultation or take the free Munchee Test.

We also have a Munchee directory, for both parents who are searching for a Myofunctional Therapist, or Practitioners who would like to be part of this directory. 

The more (Munchees) — the merrier

Munchee ranges to suit all ages, sizes and needs.