Our goal is to provide education to the public and practitioners about the long term impacts of poor oral health, lifestyle and underdeveloped jaws and how they affect future well being.

Join the movement - become a MUNCHEE CERTIFIED practitioner!

Complete our Practitioner Protocols Online course to gain a thorough understanding of how to use the Myo Munchee in your practice. The course includes a digital copy of our Practitioner User Manual which outlines over 20 conditions where the Munchee may assist within your treatment protocols. There is 10 hours of content across 4 modules. Within each module there are multiple videos, so easy to complete even when you have limited time.

Once you have completed the course, which includes a live meeting, you are then listed on our practitioner listing page as a certified Myo Munchee practitioner. This page is creating referral pathways and connecting the general public to our Munchee Certified community and, also connecting our practitioners with one another, creating localised hubs of like-minded practitioners and therapists working collaboratively to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

You will then also receive invitations to our monthly Certified Practitioner sessions where Dr Bourke hosts a presentation by an expert in the field of myofunctional therapy. Past presenters include Sharon Moore SLP, author of Sleep Wrecked Kids, Dr Dan Hanson on Functional Breathing and why it's more than just nose breathing, and Yulli Tamayo Myerson on recognising primitive reflex retention in OMD patients.

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MODULE 1: Total = 1 hr Across 4 videos

  • Myo Munchee history and philosophy
  • Guidelines for use and care
  • Introducing the Munchee to your own body
  • Manual + useful resources

MODULE 2: Total = 3 hrs Across 5 Videos

  • Condition specific information including posture, malocclusion and myofunctional applications

MODULE 3: Total = 1.5 hrs Across 5 Videos

  • More condition specific presentations including; mouth breathing, speech, TMD and pacifier replacement

MODULE 4: Total = 2.5 hrs Across 4 Videos

Advanced protocols including;

  • Munchee for sleep breathing and bruxism, dysphagia, cranial nerves screening and gag reflexes
  • Introduction to cranial theory

MODULE 5: Certification exam

MODULE 6: Total = 2 hr Across 6 Videos

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