How to Use a Munchee Correctly 

Using the Myo Munchee appliance correctly is important to its longevity and results.

Watch the video below as River shows you how to use the Munchee and what to look for to avoid common mistakes. Keeping things simple is the key, the main points are:

  • If the Munchee is for a young child create a sense of excitement around the appliance coming, especially if you're using it as a replacement for dummy/pacifier
  • Always rinse the Munchee before use, the appliance can be sprinkled with bi-carb of soda and boiled for 60 seconds to sterilise 
  • Ensure the Munchee is placed in the mouth with the "lips" indent at the top
  • Always keep the lips closed around the Munchee while chewing, this not only strengthens the muscles, it prevents excessive wear on the appliance 
  • Keep your chewing even and on both sides, chewing excessively or exclusively on one side will weaken the Munchee
  • Rinse after use in cold running water
  • Aim for 5mins of active chewing, twice a day as an ideal protocol