Our goal is to provide education to the public and practitioners about the long term impacts of poor oral health, lifestyle and underdeveloped jaws and how they affect future well being.

Ready, steady, chew

Just like any part of the body, the jaw and facial muscles need the right kind of exercise to stay healthy. That’s why the Munchee works!

With just 10 mins of daily chewing exercise, the Munchee helps children train the reflexes and muscles of chewing, lip closure and swallowing.


The more Munchees the merrier. We have Munchees to suit the whole family from 18 months through to teens and even Mum and Dad!


Mini Munchee


Replace the pacifier and get toddlers and young children using their jaw and face musculature.

Myo Munchee


The original since 1967. A Munchee in three sizes to suit children through to adults.

Which size

Choosing the right size Munchee is easy with our Munchee size guide.

Pacifiers and

Information about pacifiers can be confusing. Download our parent’s guide to safe pacifier use.


Originally designed for gum health, the Munchee functions like a brush - cleaning teeth and producing alkaline saliva


All our products are TGA approved, totally non-toxic medical grade silicone and manufactured to highest standard.