By Crunch:

Back in the cave days, well, we didn't really need to have Myo Munchees!

EVERYthing was hard and chewy! We used our teeth for lots of things and, while a dentist would have been a useful thing to have around, we certainly knew how to work our jaw muscles without one!

I couldn't believe how soft and squishy all Mun's food was when I visited him in the future wonder he needs a Munchee!

Many people have come to find the Myo Munchee extremely beneficial in helping overcome problems like crooked teeth, dribbling, repeated ear infections, gum issues and snoring problems. We send Myo Munchee all over the world to people looking for help with these kinds of problems and to practitioners who use it for a variety of uses and outcomes.

Some of the people using the Myo Munchee include:


Kids make up the biggest group of people using the Myo Munchee. The Myo is great for kids aged as young as 14 months to 5 or 6 years old who gain gain enormous benefits in all areas of oro-facial development. Many young children will happily chew or as Dr Kevin suggested, listen to a story while chewing. It's not only a great way to develop the jaws into teen and adulthood but really assists with gum health and hygiene. 

Kids aged in the 6 - 12 year old category can also benefit significantly from using the Myo Munchee as an active and passive device. For this group the Myo Munchee should be used in conjunction with treatment from a functional dentist and/or Myofunctional Therapy. For more detail on either age group visit the parents information page and watch the parents video or see our Myo Questions to find the right Myo Munchee for your child.

We also have customers buying the Myo Munchee for special needs kids where oral health and motor control/function can be very challenging. In addition to the function of jaws, the chewing action of the Myo Munchee can assist these kids with teeth brushing and producing saliva that can be protective for the enamel of the teeth.



The jaw continues to grow until around the age of 21, so chewing through the teen years is extremely beneficial. In the teens it's also common for headaches, jaw pain and particularly teeth grinding (bruxism) to manifest. Even if pain or dysfunction is present, many parents of teenagers find it sometimes challenging to get their sons and daughters to be regular and autonomous with things like exercises, however the Myo Munchee has one distinct advantage here...looks. 

Many teens are concerned with physical appearance and good teeth, jaw and bone formation is an important aspect to a "pleasing facial aspect" as it's known. In other words a natural, well structured face and straight teeth! So as long as their friends don't see them chewing the Myo Munchee! Chewing can really help teens who may be struggling with these kinds of issues or are undergoing orthodontics and other therapies to assist facial growth. 

One thing we've noticed by having generations of "Bourkes" be "test dummies" for the Myo Munchee, is that those who used it at 2 and 3 years old and on into their teenage years have broad, strong jaws and teeth that continue on into adulthood. 


Some common presentations for kids and teens, the Myo Munchee can be an integral long term tool for these cases:



Adults often come to the Myo Munchee (or MYO U-Trim) for different reasons to kids. In short the Myo Munchee can help to position the jaw in what's known in technical terms as "Class 1 Occlusion". What this means is that within the limits of your jaw's structure, the jaws and teeth are resting in the ideal position. Think of it as a workout for your face muscles. The muscles in the face, just like the muscles of the rest of the body need to be EXERCISED! For many people using the Myo Munchee this is beneficial as it can help to take the pressure off the jaw joints, keep the lower jaw in a more forward position and work and oxygenate the muscles. This acts to help open the back of the throat area where the airway is and also help to take pressure off the jaw joints themselves. This can really help with conditions such as TMD (jaw) pain, snoring and sleep apnea. 

In addition to this, or if you don't suffer from any of these conditions, active use of the Myo can help with the process of ageing. This works due to the natural ageing process creating a resorption (decrease) of bone around the jaws. Coupled with the bones loss, like other muscles of the body the muscles of the face can also weaken, contributing to things like wrinkles and sagging below the jaw. Chewing a Myo Munchee can assist with the prevention of both bone and muscle loss and maintain vigour around the lips, face and tongue. 


Health Practitioners:

Dentists, Oral Health Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths are some of the health professionals who use Myo Munchees for the benefit of their patients. If you are one of these practitioners and want to find out more, please see our practitioner information page or wholesale registration page to stock the Myo Munchee. If you are a patient and want your healthcare provider to find out more about the Myo Munchee please let us know via the contact page and we can get in touch with them.