Who Invented the Myo Munchee?

By Crunch:

Dr Kevin was the one who first thought of the same idea we had back in the "Cave Days".

It's a wonder he'd never read the Myo Story because he seemed to understand the idea of how we chew on roots, bones or whatever we can find to help our jaws grow.

In fact, Dr Kevin first got the inspiration for the Myo while looking at an ancient jaw bone...


Dr Kevin Bourke was a dentist working in Maitland, a small town in NSW, Australia. During the course of his career, he started looking closely at jaws, teeth and facial deveoplment. By observing the structural integrity of skulls, jaws and teeth of First Australians that he'd seen in the British Museum he noticed the striking difference between these bones and teeth compared to the jaw development he saw in his practice.

His conclusion?

Chewing, gnawing and grinding on hard food, bones and roots is essential in the development of robust, wide and strong teeth and jaws.

So he set about making and testing The Myo Munchee... watch the whole story below in less than 7 mins.