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Dr Bourke’s decades of clinical practice and academic study show the breakthrough benefits of integrating
the Munchee into treatment and prevention protocols that maximise genetic potential.

Oral Physiotherapy - The Chewing Brush.

Presented by Dr Bourke at in 1984. His over-arching philosophy and viewpoint on oral health and the Munchee’s role within it.

Dynamics of Forward Head Posture.

Flow chart by Dr Bourke detailing his interest in the link between jaw health and postural integrity.

Malocclusion of Primary Dentition.

Published paper by Dr Bourke documenting how use of the Munchee affected facial growth in the very young.

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Speech pathology, chiropractic & dental perspectives

Integration &
Myofunctional Therapy

Pull up a seat and view insights from experienced Munchee practitioners: Nada Karnib , Dr Youn Weng Chue and Dr Mary Bourke. This webinar is part of a regular monthly international Munchee study group.
This webinar involves Dr Dan Hanson and Donny Mandrawa. Together they have developed a system of Myofunctional Orthodontics, that is based on realistic techniques and tools. The Munchee has been used to support some key elements in their approach. Listen in to hear why they believe it is helping their patient cases become more predictable.

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