Mary Bourke

Dr Mary Bourke

Mary is the CEO and head chewer at Myo Munchee. She grew up chewing, being one of Dr Kevin Bourke's six children, Mary was regularly employed as a product tester! Mary trained in Anatomy and Chiropractic and has been a Chiropractor with a special interest in treating children and babies for 25 years

When Dr Kevin decided to fully retire at age 91 (!) Mary stepped into the CEO role and has grown the brand and business to become recognised and trusted among health professionals and customers alike. 

She is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of families and lectures on the positive effect chewing has on growth and function of the face. When she's not working in her chiropractic practice, attending conferences around the world and running Myo Munchee she loves spending time with her family, walking on Newcastle's beaches and chasing Alfie the Myo Dog! 


Nathen Dainney

Nathen Dainey

Nathen partners with our customers to develop solid and innovative working relationships.  He is the man for all things related to the commercial industry of dentistry & allied medical…And he's kind of our special projects secret weapon.

Having worked with businesses large and small he’s known as a specialist advisor who creates the right partnerships that gets fast results. With a vision to make clients relevant and unique in the minds of their customers it's no wonder Nathen has won various awards for service innovation and business development.

Nathen is dedicated to healthy, sustainable living and enjoys traveling the world being inspired by places and food. When not serving the industry with innovative products or delicious catering, Nathen can be found behind the lens of his camera telling stories of everything picture worthy. 



Kevin Grover

KEvin Grover.jpg

Kev Grover has an extensive background in business and is a serial entrepreneur,  he is the co-founder of Grover Allman, a global leader in online guitar products.

We coaxed him from hiding in the Byron hinterland and got him excited about working with us in a consulting role at Myo Munchee.  Kev assists us with product development, manufacturing, marketing and quality assurance in order to ensure your Myo Munchee and the research behind it is the best it can possibly be.

In his spare time, Kev can be found tinkering on his hinterland property, checking the surf cam or rubbing shoulders with well-known musicians. 


Cole Clayton

Cole Clayton.jpg

Cole is the jack of all trades at Myo Munchee and has worked with Mary since 2016. He has assisted with copywriting, video and photo shoots, websites, trade shows, packaging and marketing. He holds a Masters of Clinical Rehabilitation, Grad Cert in Health Promotion and a Fine Arts degree. 

Cole is dedicated to helping kids and families understand and implement programs to improve breathing as the basis of health and has coached 100's of kids to breathe better. This coupled with his studies in osteopathic medicine makes him a great fit for Team Munchee in both creative and technical aspects. 

When not working, training, studying or spending time with his family Cole can sometimes be spotted surfing in and around the beaches of Byron. 


Marcia Huber 

Marcia Myo Munchee.JPG

Marcia manages the Munchee HQ office in Newcastle and is the Chief Officer of Detail at Team Munchee. Working with Mary from the start, Marcia is the one who makes sure all your Munchees make it to the letterbox! Marcia also answers customer queries and helps manage our ever-growing database of practitioner customers. 

When not in the Myo office Marcia loves life with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys Summer swimming at the beautiful local beaches, meeting with friends and catching up on the next book for her book group. 

Ruby Bell.JPG

Ruby Bell

Being another grandchild of Dr Kevin and daughter of Mary, Rubes has many hours of first hand experience chewing a Munchee! Ruby handles a bunch of different admin related tasks, customer enquiries and attends trade shows and conferences helping people understand how the Munchee works. 

Ruby is also dedicated to studying Chiropractic at RMIT in Melbourne and returns home to Newcastle in Uni holidays to help out at Myo HQ and wrangle Alfie the Myo Dog.


Audrey Bell

Audrey Bell.JPG

Office junior Audrey is our COP (Chief of Packing) and ensures your Munchee is safely and hygienically packed just for you.


Alfie the Munchee Dog

Alfie the dog

Alfie is the King of Chewing, frequently selecting chewing appliances that are well beyond his prescribed sizes...

"Who me?? Just don't call me a 'sausage', where HAVE my human servants gone??"