Real People Video Stories

Many different people have used the Myo Munchee since Dr Kevin first invented it. We see "repeat generations" of people who used it as kids and are now buying it for their own kids. We took some time to meet and film some of these people to capture their stories.

Dr Mary Bourke introduces the Myo Tales "real People" videos

Dr Mary's cousins come for a visit to chat about using the Myo when they were young

Dr Mary visits Natasha, Dr Kevin's former dental nurse to talk about her Dad's work and some of the patients they treated

Natasha, Dr Kevin's former dental nurse fits a Myo Munchee for Isabell

Kiana, the daughter of a long term patient of Dr Kevin's uses Myo Munchee for stress 

Marnie drops by to tell her Myo story which has only just begun...


Some of Dr Kevin's Results 

The following slideshow demonstrates some of Dr Kevin's results using the Myo Munchee. The main points to watch out for are the improvement in the resting position of the lips, changes in facial width and of course improvement in the way the teeth fit together.