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PRACTITIONER ONLY – Munchee Sizing Kit – Pediatric


The Munchee Pediatric Sizing Kit for Practitioners is the best way to keep a sizing guide on hand and familiarise your team with the Munchee.

We are offering this unique pediatric kit including our newly released Munchee BEBE for practitioners that work within the pediatric field. Our comprehensive Practitioner User Guide is included to help you begin your Munchee education and protocols. It will kick start your toolkit and you can begin giving them to your patients right away.


  • 1x Munchee Bebe (with a handle)
  • 1x Mini Munchee – Extra Small (with a handle)
  • 1x Mini Munchee – Small (with a handle)
  • 1x Munchee Small (no handle)
  • 1x Munchee Medium (no handle)
  • 1 Practitioner USB User Guide

The Bebe Munchee is new to our range and is for the babies in your family – featuring a sturdy handle that provides comfort and security to the most mini members of the team. Great for:

  • Pacifier replacement
  • Oral hygiene
  • Saliva control
  • Occlusal health
  • Weaning aid

Bebe Munchee is safe, non-toxic and comfortable – made of medical-grade silicone with a handle that makes it easy and stable for very small children to use around the ages of 1-2 years.

Soft and snug, Bebe gives the little ones a head start to healthy habits through the natural action of chewing.

Babies in this age range can use Munchee passively or chew it actively. Munchee was envisioned to be chewed while being read to, incorporating its use into a fun and relaxing pastime.

The Munchee is an oral orthotic device that’s easy to use. It is as effective as it is elegant in its simplicity: just chew!

We recommend using it actively throughout the day for up to 10 minutes or in conjunction with other myofunctional therapies

Please contact if you would like to add additional Munchee Bebes to your order as they are not currently listed on our website.

Please note: For national orders expect delivery within 3-7 days. For international orders expect delivery within 7-14 days. Any customs or other specific country taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser and not included in the purchase price.


Want to learn more about Munchee sizes? View the sizing guide


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