Myo Munchee Mini - Mint Green

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Please note: Our Mint Green Mini is exactly the same as our clear Mini you have always enjoyed.

Mini Munchee is safe, non- toxic and comfortable, made of medical-grade silicone with a handle that makes it easy and stable for very small children to use.

Soft and snug, Mini Munchee gives the little ones a head start to healthy habits through the natural action of Chewing. The lower third of the face has important work to do with the functions of eating, drinking and swallowing as well as breathing and speaking. It is essential that there is good tone, function and balance of the muscles and bones to perform these important functions.

Mini Munchee is great to use for the following: Dummy/pacifier replacement, oral hygiene tool, reduce open bite and tongue thrust, special needs children, Pre-orthodontic trainer.

The Munchee oral orthotic is a device that is simple to use. For children aged 18 months up to 4 years can be easily implemented into daily routine, like tooth brushing or having a bath. To get started use the Munchee for short periods of time often- once the strength has been developed they can then do 3 minutes twice daily.

Munching while Mum or Dad are reading a story is a great way to get into a good routine, in the bath can also be a fun time to Munch. Find a good time to sit with your child so that you can ensure that lips are together and they are keeping the Munchee in the right place while chewing. This will ensure they get optimal benefits of Chewing as well as preserving the life of the appliance.

80 percent of cranial facial growth will occur in the first 6 years of life. Chewing a Munchee is a great way to positively influence the growth, balance and function of the face and jaws at this critical time.

Mini Munching promotes nose breathing and correct swallow patterns which are essential movements for optimal human genetic expression.

Mini Munchees are for the littlest people with teeth. We want to make sure the little teeth and jaw bones are strong, healthy and well aligned.