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This appliance is the largest of the Munchee range of appliances. It is a great workout for the muscles of the lips, face and jaws.
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About the product

The Large Myo Munchee is designed as a big workout for the jaws and is for large structured teenage males and adults who are keen to work their jaws to their full potential. Some women who are tall and broad can also enjoy the workout with the large.

Developing and keeping tone and function of the muscles of the lower third of the face are essential as they are integral to the functions of eating, breathing and speech all of which are essential for optimal human genetic expression.

Munchee is a great addition to day-to-day health and wellness routines. Munchee can be used passively or actively. We recommend using it actively throughout the day – up to 10 minutes at a time is great oral facial exercise.

When you start using Munchee, chew multiple times per day to reach the 10 minutes in shorter reps, then increase the time as you become more comfortable. Passive use can be for longer periods and is a great way to reinforce nose breathing, correct swallow pattern and improve oral rest posture. The Large Myo Munchee can be for the same purposes as the medium Myo Munchee.