Jaw Pain & TMD

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Do you wake up in the morning with a sore jaw?

Do you suffer face pain or pain when chewing?

Problems with the Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ) can present seemingly unrelated and sometimes difficult to treat symptoms. These can relate to stress, postural problems, malocclusion (bite) irregularities, clenching and grinding and even things like breathing and sleep.

Dysfunction in the jaw joint (TMD) can be complex and require comprehensive and integrated treatment.

The Munchee appliances can play an important role
within the treatment program as they can help
break the pain cycle by decompressing your jaw
joints, helping with symptom relief and allowing
the body to adapt to other treatments and
therapy. The Munchee range won’t be a “cure all” for
TMJ problems but it will be a low cost and
extremely useful tool to help you.

The Munchee provides a cushioning effect for the heavy forces of clenching and grinding (bruxing). Even having the Munchee appliance in your mouth for one hour a day is a great way to start breaking these habits.

Using the Munchee this way allows the jaw and facial muscles to relax, assisting the brain to start to “reset” the tension of the muscles around the jaw, face, head and neck.

The Munchee is helpful for TMD because it helps to bring the lower jaw down and forward. Gentle movement is encouraged for injured joints and the Munchee is a great way to start doing balanced, predictable and gentle exercise.

Signs and symptoms of TMJ disorders

– Clicking and popping jaw

– Frequent head and ear aches

– Facial and jaw pain, pain behind eyes, lockjaw

– Face pain, headaches, ear aches, clicking, popping, lockjaw and ringing in the ears can all be signs and symptoms    of a problem with your jaw joints

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