How can Myo Munchee help your family?

By Mun

Since Crunch came to visit, I've been using the Myo Munchee nearly every day! Grandpa and I have noticed some pretty cool things changing from just doing some more chewing everyday! Dr Mary is pretty good at explaining all this, I think it's maybe 'cos she grew up with Dr Kevin as her Dad!


Many people want to know what they're investing in for the health of their kids. While the Myo Munchee isn't a huge investment cost wise, it does need some buy in and dedication from both parents and kids alike... A Myo Munchee that only sits in a bathroom drawer isn't really going to help!

So there's two questions that arise out of this;

  1. What will it help and will it work for my kids
  2. What will it take to get a successful outcome for my kids?

Dr Mary Bourke has addressed these questions in a short 12 min presentation below. If you're going to buy a Myo Munchee these 12 mins are well worth your time to understand a little more about the Myo and how it works. 

"Myo Australia is a family business and our families have all used a Myo Munchee, we grew up with it! We've seen and felt the benefits ourselves and for our own kids and hope by continuing our family legacy we can help out many more families to get their facial development back on track" Dr Mary Bourke

Key points of the video:

  • Some of the conditions and symptoms kids with facial development issues may experience
  • Examples of some of the things that can cause these symptoms
  • How to spot these problems
  • Description of the Myo Munchee and how it can help out, particularly from a young age
  • An overview of the protocol for use and how simple it is