By Crunch:

In the jungle we don't even have tooth brushes or even dentists to give us braces. But we do have some pretty strong and healthy teeth and gums!! Want to know our secret? It's chewing, good 'ol fashioned munching and crunching!!

When I visited Mun in the 21st century I noticed some really strange foods being eaten, but most of all I noticed those foods were soft and mushy, not munchy and crunchy. I wondered how do these people even get their jaws and teeth strong? 

The Myo Munchee plays a role in helping by acting as a "chewing brush". 

The act of chewing requires muscle activation and muscle effort. It is this muscle activity that helps the facial muscles grow into the correct strength and tension required to support facial symmetry. In addition to this it has been theorised that muscular work helps to shape the bone and jaw development of the face, thus assisting in the prevention of crooked teeth and underdeveloped jaws (see research papers). There is a law known as "Wolf's Law" that is a perfect way of explaining this. Basically Wolf's law states that a healthy bone will adapt to the loads under which it is placed. This means the greater loading through the bone, the stronger and more dense it becomes. OR in the case of our modern diets, LACK of stress! 

One of the things noted by Dr Bourke while developing the Myo Munchee was the broad, wide and strong jaw bones of indigenous Australians. He also noted that the enamel on their teeth was worn flat, putting these two findings together he concluded it was the combination of chewing hard foods and bones that wore the teeth, but also developed the bones of the jaws as per Wolf's Law.

This lead him to look at the "modern" diet in comparison and onto three decades of invention, trial and research into the effect of chewing on the jaw bones, teeth and even on comprehension and cognition. 

This is significant, think about today's average diet and consider the amount of effort required to chew these foods:

  • Gluggy cereal and milk

  • Soft bread

  • Salad sandwich

  • Mince and cooked vegetables

So maybe Crunch was onto something. How do we use the jaws as they were intended in this modern life? Do we all have the time and inclination to sit and chew on bones? Let alone be able to convince our kids that it's a good idea? Enter the Myo Munchee.

The Myo is the modern day equivalent to Crunch's bones and roots, without the foraging or time consuming activities! The Myo is a soft silicon device that fits easily inside the mouth, the smaller models also have a built in handle for the little ones to hold. On the inside (teeth side) of the Myo are multiple small prongs serving to stimulate the gums, assist good oral hygiene and provide something for the jaws to chew against. In addition, by nature of the design anyone using a Myo must breathe through their nose while chewing, thus promoting optimal breathing habits. 

It is this combination of chewing, breathing, brushing and promoting saliva build up that makes the Myo Munchee so effective even if used for as little as 5-10 minutes per day.

So in a nutshell the Myo works by:

  • Promoting good function and strength of the muscles of the lips and face

  • Increasing saliva production to protect teeth (see research papers)

  • Promoting correct breathing patterns

  • Improving oral hygiene by acting as a "chewing brush"

For a more detailed explanation of these and other benefits what Dr Kevin's daughter Dr Mary Bourke speak about the function and benefits for growing faces. 

As always though, the proof is in the chewing so see our real people page to see the Myo results. You may also be interested to know that the set of teeth in the header of this page belongs to Dr Kevin's granddaughter, who used the Myo Munchee all through her childhood...