Ear Infections

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Are you concerned about a child with recurring ear infections?

Are you looking for help beyond just treating the symptoms?

Ear infections are painful, can cause hearing and speech problems, plus they get in the way of fun activities like swimming.

One of the less talked about causes of ear infections can be the way a child swallows. Habits like sucking a dummy (pacifier) or prolonged bottle-feeding can create an abnormal swallow pattern.

Swallowing this way means the muscles around the face, and even under the neck, have to compromise their normal function. This can mean the ear tubes (eustachian tubes) do not drain as well as they could – leading to an ear infection.

Chewing a Munchee may help alleviate the likelihood of reoccurring ear infections* because it will help activate and restore muscle function – in turn, pulling on the eustachian tubes and assisting with drainage and clearing the infection.

A Munchee will help to stimulate and activate the muscles of the neck, face and jaw.

When the Munchee is placed in the mouth and the lips are closed, the child uses the muscles at the back of the throat to swallow the saliva produced while chewing.

The chewing and swallowing muscles are interconnected with the ear’s anatomy. Combining chewing and swallowing forces the muscles to pull on the Eustachian tubes, which helps them drain. Over time, this combined action will further assist ear drainage.

Signs and symptoms of poor ear drainage:

  • Ear infection every time they catch a cold
  • Repeat courses of antibiotics to clear infection
  • Gets ear infections easily after swimming
  • Glue ear and hearing loss


*Do not use the Munchee during acute or recurrent onset of an ear infection. Medical attention should be seen and advised by your doctor.

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