Dribbling & Drooling

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Is your child a messy eater or drinker?

Does your child have trouble controlling saliva while speaking?

If your child is a fussy or messy eater, dislikes chewing food and has trouble with dribbling they may suffer from low oral tone. Dribbling often goes hand-in-hand with speech problems like lisps and speech impediments.

The causes of dribbling may include tongue and lip ties, poor suck/swallow patterns learned from pacifier and thumb sucking and bottle-feeding.

The Munchee can help treat dribbling and drooling by training, strengthening and re-educating the lip and tongue muscles. This means that the lips remain closed more easily and the tongue is able swallow the saliva – stopping it from dribbling out of your child’s mouth.

One of the big benefits of chewing a Munchee is the production of extra saliva. The saliva helps to protect the teeth from acidity and also needs swallowed. Swallowing involves contraction of the tongue muscles. Consistent swallowing of saliva exercises the tongue and increases its strength.

For some however, the cause of these issues can be a condition known as ankyloglossia or “tongue tie”. This needs to be assessed and potentially treated by a specialist medical or dental professional.

Signs and symptoms poor face and lip control:

  • Tongue thrusts through teeth
  • Messy and mouth open eating
  • Pools of saliva in side of mouth

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