A Myo Story

Hi My name is Mun and I'm the star of our Myo Story!! Everyone probably wants to know what a Myo Story really is?? It's easy! Just click on the link to get your book and read about our adventures... just don't forget to chew your Myo while you do!!

Dr Kevin Bourke who invented the Myo Munchee over 40 years ago always had the vision that children would be best to chew the Myo while having a story read to them (see Who Invented the Myo). In this way, Dr Bourke's vision was firstly about having parents or grandparents interacting with their children and secondly, as a way of keeping the child engaged in a story while chewing. As a result, chewing the Myo becomes something the child looks forward to rather than a "chore". 

To honour his vision we came up with our own Myo Story to ensure that chewing is an active and enjoyable thing for parents and children. As a bonus, the story then becomes a magical and adventurous metaphor for kids to follow, to be inspired by, and to subtly understand the importance of using and chewing on their Myo. 

You can download the book below and join Mun Chee and Crunch the Cavegirl on their adventures.

Click here to download your Myo Story